Nub Connecticut 464 Torpedo

Nub Connecticut 464T – Cigar Review

Size: 4x 64 Torpedo



Wrapper: Ecuadorian seed Connecticut

Filler: Nicaragua 

Binder: Nicaragua

Construction: The construction of this stumpy little bullet was brilliant; a firm pack which was consistent along the length with not a single lump or bump. The taper of the torpedo was so well made through the triple cap that it looked as if it had been turned on a wood lathe rather than rolled, the appearance of this stick oozed quality. The oily smooth wrapper had barely visible seams due to no inconsistencies in colour and being so delicate and thin.

Smell: Wrapper; On the wrapper I picked up dry grass with a very smooth white pepper which excited the nostrils while still being very subtle. The foot was very similar to the wrapper in smell with the addition of the slightest amount of vanilla.

Cold Draw: Made a 7mm cut on the taper to discover even with this tightly packed rocket a perfect draw. Flavours on the draw consisted primarily of dry grass with slight amounts of white pepper and a barely noticeable caramel.

First light: BOOM! A big blast of robust but refined white pepper all about the mouth with a touch of green grass. The white pepper was huge on the first light from this stick but it coupled with plumes of creamy thick smoke that deposited a pleasant oil onto the palate which smoothed off the pepper to make it feel elegant rather than overpowering and jagged as spice can be on first lights.

First 3rd 10min

Body was light to medium. As the cigar warmed up and progressed I saw the white pepper start to pull back to a pleasant level which revealed a green grass and subtle lemon like acidity; all of which was surrounded by a toasty like character. The cigar was still producing plumes of creamy thick smoke with the oil on the palate.

As the first third progressed the burn started to concern me as there was a scallop starting to run down the side of this cigar, at that stage I was blaming the wind blowing.


 Second 3rd – 25min

The second third of this stick saw no change in body and a nice transition in flavour. The white pepper pulled back further into the background, the smoke got thicker and creamier to the stage it was saliva thickening, like a dessert. The flavours overtaking the white pepper were green grass, the lemon was replaced with toasted white bread.

The second 3rd saw the burn further degrade to a line best represented by a dog’s hind leg. The stick required constant attention and touch-ups to maintain this stick in smoking condition.  I was inclined to say by that stage it was a construction issue rather than a breeze.

At this stage I managed to stand the stick up on its ash at the half way point, only to have it blow over before I could get a photo. Bugger!

 Third 3rd 40 min

The third 3rd saw no significant change in flavour from the second, the smoke was still thick and creamy while imparting a lot of oil onto the palate which I found quite enjoyable.

The start of the third saw an early onset of heat which I accredit to the 140,000 touch-ups +/- I had to perform to keep the burn on this stick resembling something reasonable.

As the third progressed the heat started to overtake the light smooth flavour profile offered by this stick.

Moving into the end of this stick the burn improved significantly, the cigar had done its dash, the heat had set in and it was too late to forgive this stick for its sins. The stick was retired at 50 minutes.

 Overall this cigar is a tasty mild stick that I tend to enjoy. This individual stick I used for the review does not represent Nubs typical burn characteristics. I’ve smoked 40+ of these Connecticut’s and this individual stick with its burn issues just let me down and IMO ruined the whole experience. You could confidentially pick one of these up and be sure it will not act like this stick.

Suggested pairings for this little bullet would be a wet and crisp Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.


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